Monday, October 29, 2012

MAKING THE GRADE and Vatican Coins

I've been looking through the 2012 edition of "Making the Grade" published by Coin World. This takes 50 of the most popular U.S. collectible coins and posts pictures of the coins at various grading levels. There are color overlays to show various point of the coins that wear first.

It would be interesting if someone would consider such a guide for Vatican coins, or for that matter, world coins. The Italian coin appraisers continue to use a system with more general descriptors. (Perhaps this is a better way? Has so-called "objective grading" via services like PGS and NCS improved upon the trained eye of an expert assessor...some may argue...)

Anyway, congrats to Beth Deischer and the folks at Coin World for this great guider--maybe it will inspire numismatists who study foreign coins.


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